Austin Cab Service

Calling #TAXI (pound taxi) is one of the safest and most convenient ways of getting home whether you or your friends have been drinking, or if you've missed the last bus. It is the Austin cab company’s wish that everyone has equal opportunities to get home safe. Pound Taxi utilizes the latest in cell phone and marketing technology to improve people’s lives and by making the roads a safer place to travel. Sometimes physically hailing a cab doesn't work out due to busy schedules or insane traffic. However, Pound Taxi has developed a new method that is convenient for everyone. Simply call #TAXI and you will automatically be connected to the first available cab in your immediate location. This service is available all over North America so long as there is a taxi service available where you are. If you have a preference as to which cab company you would like to drive you home, you have the option to let the operator know in advance.